Crystal Energy Bath by John of God – Torrance

Are you aware of the healing properties that quartz crystals possess?

Would you like to try the Crystal Energy Bath by John of God?

Have you heard of people being healed by these crystals before?

Crystal Bed Energy Bath by John of God was made from using seven quartz crystals that when activated by light hues ranging from red and all colors in between until reaching violet, conduct in such a way to healing people.

John of God Crystal Bed allowed me to heighten my awareness of my surroundings!

Energy that is within the crystals is directed to the individual’s body. This type of energy frequency is said to be closely related to frequency found for water. If these crystals are able to reorganize the molecules of water then it means they can also reorganize the molecules and patterns found in the blood of the person receiving this crystal healing treatment.

When a set intention is also involved, the crystal healing treatment is much more powerful. For instance, if a person sets an intent to draw healing towards themselves regarding their physical health, mental, spiritual, or emotional health, they actually receive that healing through the transfer of information set between consciousness and the quartz crystal.

The John of God Crystal bed energy bath session, usually consists of an experience where energy that they feel or even see goes to the part of the body they had purposely set attention to and it usually connects with the set intent they made before the session started.

Many people enjoy the John of God Crystal Bed!

How the Crystals from John of God Crystal Bed Can Help You

One fact about water is that it can be trained to get into an orderly pattern as well as with geometrical shapes being involved in its elemental structure, that it actually heightens the surface tension and bonding properties it possesses.

In this state, water like this is found in healthy cell tissues. Vice versa, with unhealthy cell tissues, the water has no structure or orderly pattern. In other words, there are health promoting effects of crystal therapy. When the vibration of light and spreading through the crystal occurs, it is pointed towards the water found in our bodies which helps to restructure and get the elemental properties of water into an orderly pattern. Once this is done,  it promotes healthy tissues and cells.

Thanks to Marcel Vogel, we have great understanding of quartz crystals his findings as well as research with conducting experiments shows how the power of crystals affects our physical processes.

Crystal therapy today is due to the work Marcel Vogel had invested into researching quartz crystals. He conducted experiments showing the amount of power crystals had on our physical processes.

During the John of God Crystal Energy Bath session “I felt a live dream state.”

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Crystal Energy Bath by John of God – Torrance